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Victoriafabs Hair and Beauty marks an exciting new chapter in hair and beauty for women of color.
Launched in 2019, to allow a woman of color to cater to other women of color, Victoriafabs Hair and Beauty is dedicated to embracing the black community’s talents and skills. Victoria a veteran consumer of hairpieces and related accessories, stepped into the hair and beauty industry when her interest peaked in 2013. Seeing the industry dominated by other ethnic groups, Victoria saw the
need to make her presence in Victoriafabs Hair and Beauty was born.
Victoriafabs Hair and Beauty are dedicated to creating high-quality luxury hairpieces and wigs made from Remy Hair and Virgin Hair using Peruvian, Cambodian, Brazilian and Vietnamese Hair.
We take great pleasure in providing our customers with stylish and on-trend hairpieces for an
international market with speedy delivery.

Brown Hair

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